Frequently Asked Questions

Thanks for visiting our F.A.Q. section, we hope you find answers to all your questions here.  If you don't please feel free to contact us or ask us your question on Facebook.

Where can you take me?

Our Ski Bus from Denver can currently take you in the winter up to Loveland Ski Area. Ski Bus trips run Wednesday through Sunday during the winter. During the summer we run a Red Rocks Amphitheatre bus for concerts.

How do I get discount lift tickets?

Currently, we have partnerships that allow us to sell our passengers discount ski lift tickets to Loveland Ski Area. Just buy your ticket when you book your trip and you get them on the bus ride up. Check our Promotions page for other deals.

How much does it cost?

Red Rocks trips are $32 round-trip, and a round trip on the ski bus is $45, child is $38 and one-way ski bus trips are $41. Interested in a better deal? Take a look at our Promotions page.

How do I use my promotion code?

There are some special promotion codes floating around *cough*promotion page*cough* with great deals available. If you have one, you can use it by clicking the "Promotion Code" button on the first booking screen. If you miss that location, you can also enter the code on the order confirmation page before entering your payment information. Find us on Facebook to stay on top of the deals!

When do you operate?

Starting December 1st 2017 we run every Saturday and Sunday. On December 13th we add our Wednesday, Thursday and Friday service. We're available 7 days a week for charter trips!

During the summer we run a Red Rocks Amphitheatre bus for concerts.

What is your ski bus schedule when it's not winter?

When it's not winter we operate a regular shuttle service to Red Rocks concerts and we do Charter trips all around Colorado.

Is Front Range Ski Bus dependable? I don't want to get canceled on.

Absolutely! We rarely cancel a trip, and only for situations beyond our control. Even if it means running a bus with just your group, we'll do it.

Take a look at some of our reviews to see what other people are saying about Front Range Ski Bus - Yelp - Trip Advisor - Facebook Recommendations

Are there group discounts or bus charters available?

If you have a group of people riding the ski bus in the winter, we have 4 Packs available for a great price discount. If this doesn't work for you feel free to contact us: (720) 92-GO-MTN, or email us at

We have private charters available all year that can go just about anywhere you want. For details on charter trips visit our Charter page or contact us: (720) 92-GO-MTN, or email us at . Be sure to include contact information, group size and the when/where information


You bet, our drivers and hosts are there to make the trip relaxing, enjoyable and fun. If they did a good job, tell them that or slip em a lil cash. They will really appreciate either.

Is there parking at the pickup spots?

All of our pickups have free parking but Union Station is paid parking except on Sunday. Near Union Station in downtown Denver there is full day parking available at Central Parking, 3 blocks away. At the Wooly Mammoth Park & Ride you can park for free, our pickup is at section DD, across from the gas station.

Can I send my kids on the bus and stay home?

Depends, if your kids are 16 or older we will gladly take them off your hands for a day on the slopes. However if they are 15 or younger we require them to be accompanied by a chaperone.

I'm coming in from the Denver Airport, how do I catch your bus?

Our downtown pickup spot at Union Station(17th & Wynkoop) would be the easiest route. You can either catch a cab or use RTD (Market Street Station) to get to 17th Street and Wynkoop, Downtown. The Union Station pickup is also easily accessible via the free 16th Street Mall Shuttle.

I'm staying at a hotel downtown, how do I catch your bus?

Our downtown pickup spot at Union Station(17th & Wynkoop) is easily accessible from anywhere in Downtown Denver. You can either speak with your hotel concierge to arrange for transportation to 17th and Wynkoop, catch a taxi or use the free 16th Street Mall Shuttle.

I'm from Boulder and don't want to/can't drive, how can I get to your bus?

The RTD route "BV" can take you from the Boulder Transit Center to the downtown Denver "Market Street Station" which is only a few blocks from out Union Station pickup. Visit the RTD website for more information.

Why should I book a trip in advance?

If you want to make sure you have a seat on the bus, please book early. We have a limited number of seats on the bus and we sometimes run out. The earlier you book the better your chances of finding a seat. Bookings close at midnight before the day of the trip.

Where are we picked up/dropped off at in Denver?

We have 2 Denver area pickup/dropoff locations:
Union Station, in Downtown Denver is light rail accessible (about 3 blocks from the nearest stop).
Wooly Mammoth Park and Ride offers plenty of free parking.

What time is the morning pickup?

We keep our pickup times consistent as possible, so we can get you and your crew - and everyone else's - up on the slopes as early as possible. Please try to arrive at your pickup location a little early.

Union Station: 7:00 am
Wooly Mammoth Park & Ride: 7:30 am

What time is the afternoon pickup?

While our departure times are very consistent please be aware that there can be weather or traffic delays. Please be patient - we ALWAYS arrive. If you're concerned about your pickup please text or call us at (720) 92-GO-MTN.

Copper: 3:30 pm
Loveland: 3:45 pm

I'm 15, why do I need a chaperone?

Because we care. Seriously, we don't want to leave anyone up on the mountain because they forgot the departure time or just got caught up in the excitement. Taking into consideration both levels of responsibility and self sufficiency of youths 15 and under we require a responsible chaperone.

My bus was supposed to be here 5 minutes ago but its not here!?

Please be patient. Our buses are almost always on time, and we make every effort to make sure they are. However, unexpected traffic or crazy weather can cause delays. Just hang tight, we're on our way! Our buses have ALWAYS arrived at the pickup location.

How long is the return trip?

Often, the answer to this depends on traffic and weather conditions. The return trip from Loveland including all stops in between, can be 1-2.5 hours, and sometimes longer. If traffic gets as bad as we all know it can (hey - this is why you're taking the bus in the first place, right?), it can take much longer. We have identified several restroom spots that we will regularly visit especially if traffic is particularly challenging.

What should I bring with me?

Basically, all you need to bring is the usual snowsports equipment you'd bring if you drove up: ski/snowboard gear, food and beverages for the day (unless your eating at the resort of course), Chapstick & sunscreen. But, since you won't need to be paying attention to the road, be sure to bring something to entertain yourself on the ride, and maybe something to snuggle up in while sleeping. Oh and a sticker for the bus!

Can my stuff stay on the bus?

Sure. The bus is parked and locked at the final destination. However, we can't predict extreme situations, and we do not take responsibility for lost or stolen possessions. If you're worried about your items consider leaving them home or renting a locker at the resort.

What do you mean you don't have a bathroom?

Our buses don't have restrooms - just like the vast majority of vehicles stuck on I-70 - but we can, and do, make restroom stops - especially upon request, and always when traffic is working against us. It's a good practice to use a restroom before boarding the bus for the trip back to Denver - especially for kiddos!

Why $45 for adults?

First and foremost we have to pay for the bus, the driver, fuel and ongoing maintenance. We always pass along the best price we can. Keep checking the website, and our promotions page - we're always on the lookout for ways to get you an easy, relaxing ride up to the slopes. We also do our best to include exclusive extras for passengers, such as discount lift tickets, gear rentals, and refreshments.

Your website says you run but I can't make a reservation, what gives?

We try to accommodate everyone but we have a limited supply of seats and they do sell out sometimes. The chances of this happening increase as you get closer you get to the date of the trip. To ensure you can make a reservation, book early! Also - reservations are only available until midnight before the trip.

I don't have a credit/debit card to make a reservation, can I just show up in the morning with cash?

No is the short answer. If you don't make a reservation online we may not stop where you are in the morning because we don't know anyone is waiting there. Also we don't carry cash on the buses and do not plan on starting.

If making your reservation online is an issue please give us a call at 720-92-GO-MTN and we'll figure something out.

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