Take the Ski Bus One-Way!

Ski Bus Options Keep Getting Better. We also offer ONE WAY travel!

Your prayers have been answered! Need a ride up, but can’t make it with your group? Outlasted your ride back down to Denver? Take the bus!

We can get you up to the snow – or back down to Denver – and save you the trouble of bribery and begging your way back (buying rounds gets old, eventually). One way trips cost $41, and spare you the hassle of traffic and much more.  Most days we have spare seating and can make arrangements to get you back to your home - and you can even sleep the whole way back, if that's your style.

Book your trip - Arapahoe Basin

Multi-Day Trips

If you want  to do a round trip but on 2 different days, thats fine with us.  Just book a one-way trip on both days that you would like to travel.  However, they have to be days which we are running (Wednesday-Sunday)!  Remember to book your return trip in advance to ensure availability.  Don't wait until the day of when chances of a trip being full are the highest.


Make your reservations today - Visit our booking site or call (720) 92-GO-MTN if you need assistance or have questions.

Lift Ticket Discounts

Only trips TO ski resorts are eligible to purchase lift tickets. You may only purchase one lift ticket per trip, per person. You must ride the bus in the morning to take advantage of our lift ticket deals. (lift tickets won't do you much good in Denver anyways!)